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Westfalian, bay, born: 2004, 171 cm

Breeder: Norbert Borgmann, Ostbevern, Germany 






 Ehrentusch   Ehrensold  Ehrenschild
 Rheinfee  Rheingold
 Ferragamo    Freigraf
 Florabelle  Florestan I














Sire Ehrentusch stands at the NRW National Stud in Warendorf. In 1987 he won his stallion performance test there and came second in 1989 at the DLG–exhibition in Frankfurt.  He is trained up to Grand Prix level and is the proud sire of ten approved sons, amongst these are: the Approval-reserve champion Ehrenwort (St. Georges), ECU (Grand Prix dressage), Ehrenmarsch (1.30m jumping), Ehrentanz I (Inter I) and Externstein (1.20m jumping). His descendants are successful in all equine disciplines:  Egalite/Nina Stadlinger/AUT, Etienne/Christiane Traurig/USA, Esko/Brigitte Wittig, Eljano/Hubertus Hufendiek, Ehrenstar/Holga Finken and Easy/Annabel Balkenhol. All of the afore-mentioned are established in international dressage sport. Emily/Rene Tebbel, Escada/Horst-Klaus Heleine, El Paso of Kenia/Denis Lynch/IRL und Easy Living/Martina Wrede are all established show jumpers. Excalibur W/Jozsef Dobrovitz/HUN and Exxon/Sebastian Heß are successful in international carriage driving.

Dam Florence also produced the two licensed full-brothers Ehrendorf (LB Warendorf) and Eichendorff (the latter achieved the highest price at the NRW Elite Auction in 2001 and is successfully ridden by Victoria Max-Theurer (AUT), already the winner of international Grand Prix as an 8 year old).  Florence also produced the approved Moloier by Münchhausen/T as well as the finalist of the Bundeschampionat, (championship for young horses), Marquis Monet.

The Dams’ sire Ferragamo was reserve champion at his approvals and is trained up to dressage Class S. With 17 approved sons, amongst them the winning stallion Friedenstraum and around 40 state premium mares (including the champion mare Ferragama) Ferragamo enjoys a very high breeding value rating. The grand dam, state premium mare Florabelle produced the licensed Werbespot (by World Magic; PB Westf) and Farina (by Ferragamo, jumping 1.35m). Florestan I in the third generation is currently one of the most desired foundation stallions in Rheinland and Westfalen. The great grand dam state premium mare Delia produced the two M-level show jumpers Dior and Dublin, both by Debütant).

From the line of Addi are also the licensed stallions: Frühlingstraum I u. II (both by Frühling), Referent (by Remus I), Frühlingssturm/Hartmut Lammers , Dramaturg (by Debütant), Fanfarron (by Florestan I), Guldenburg (by Grannus), Argelith Quattro/Eva Bitter and Rene Tebbel, Prinz Segelhorst (by Palisander), Montmatre (by Mon Cheri), Rubin (by Realist), Djambo (by Damenstolz) and Bertoli W (by Breitling W) and the sport horses Amaretto/Isabell Werth (by Argentinus; German Champion 1997), Barilla W/Brigitte and Wolfram Wittig (by Breitling W; Grand Prix), Fiorello (by Frühling; Grand Prix), Baldessarini W/Gina Capellmann-Lütkemeier and Brigitte Wittig (by Breitling  W; St. Georges, 2006 Nürnberger Burg-Pokal finalist), Biagiotti WW/Brigitte Wittig (by Breitling W; 2006 Bronze World Championships of 6yo dressage horses in Verden), Brioni W (by Breitling W; 2006 Westfalen Champion of the 5yo dressage horses in Münster-Handorf) as well as the winner of the World Cup Piquet/Jean Claude Vangeenberghe/BEL and Eddie Macken/IRL (v. Paradox I) and the Aachener Nations Cup winner and European Championship team bronze medal winner Minister/Norbert Koof (by Frühling).



Estobar was the superior and undisputed champion stallion of the 16th NRW Main Approvals, the North-Rhine Westphalian Approvals in Münster-Handorf in 2006 and was bought for a record price of €550,000.00 by Equus Invest AG.

He completed his 30-day test in Münster-Handorf in 2007, achieving top marks. He was awarded “very good” three times, for rideability (9.38), for his trot (9.06) and for character (9.0) He was given 8.94 for his canter, for his walk 8.31 and for jumping ability 7.63.  In addition he won the prestigious “Westfalen-Wappen” at the “Turnier der Sieger” in Münster with merit and a score of 8.8.

In 2008 Estobar NRW continued his successful career under Ingrid Klimke. Together they achieved numerous top results in dressage competitions for young horses in classes A and L.

Estobar NRW did his 70 day test in 2009 at the end of the covering season at the stallion performance test center in Adelheidsdorf.  He finished with a sensational dressage index of 154.74.  That mark meant a clear first place for him in the dressage part of the test.

In 2010 Estobar NRW was ridden by Wolfhard Witte winning several dressage competitions for young horses at M level and qualified effortlessly for the prestigious national championship for young horses in Warendorf. 

In 2011 he found success easy, winning and at S level.  Hubertus Schmidt became his trainer at the end of 2011, and without doubt, this son of the talented Ehrentusch will be a promising addition to Hubertus Schmidt´s stable. Dressage experts agree that he is a promising talent destined for the highest honours thanks to his extraordinary movements, great collection, his willingness and extreme good rideability.



Estobar’s first crop of foals fulfilled the highest expectations.   These modern type foals with very good conformation and excellent movements were sold at the NRW-Pedigree auction at well above average prices.

“This first crop of foals is looked upon as being particularly highly talented dressage prospects “ (Quotation by Dr. F. Marahrens, CEO and Head of Breeding of the Westfälischen Pferdestammbuch).

And he was proven right. At the 20th NRW- Main Stallion Licensing 2010, Estobar NRW had four sons for the Licensing and with that he was sire to the largest number in that desirable position. All have a high degree of quality in all three gaits, and present themselves as aspiring athletes for the top dressage sport. With 2 licensed sons, one of them “with premium”, he fulfilled all set expectations.



Stud Fee: € 1.000 incl. tax.  Frozen Semen

Approved for Westfalen and Rheinland, Oldenburg, Hannover as well as all the South German Stud Books and the newly formed German States Stud Books.


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